Introduction to Ancient Egypt


The Egypt Exploration Society has a long history of excavations and exploration of the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Today, the Society’s Archive contains thousands of images of these pioneering investigations and thousands more documents relating to the personalities of these early years of archaeology. The Archive continues to provide for ground-breaking research and developments in the field of Egyptology and will provide shortly be undergoing an extensive re-cataloging project to increase accessibility online.

This exhibition of material from the EES Lucy Gura Archive aims to exemplify this unique collection of material through the context of ancient Egyptian history. Click below to travel through the periods of Egypt’s history by exploring the sites that the Society has dug since our founding in 1882.

Come and explore for yourself…

Early Egypt  c. 5300-2686 BC
Old Kingdom  2686-2125 BC
First Intermediate Period  2160-2055 BC
Middle Kingdom  2055-1650 BC
Second Intermediate Period  1650-1550 BC
New Kingdom  1550-1069 BC
Third Intermediate Period  1069-664 BC
Late Period  664-332 BC
Graeco-Roman Period  332 BC – AD 395

All dates used are from Shaw, I. 2000. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press: Oxford.